Collagen, a natural
health product for horses, dogs and cats.
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Advantages and science

Medelys Laboratories International Inc. created EQ Maxi-CollTM and EQ Pro-CollTM products, respectively Concentrated and Maintenance formulas after careful analysis and research of issues with joints, cartilage, ligaments and tendons of performance and aging horses.

As a horse ages and/or performs, the molecular building structures that make up bones, joints, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and tendons simply can not be generated at a fast enough rate to replace the ones that are being depleted. This process results in the cartilage and synovial fluid becoming weakened and the connective tissue breaking down, that is those strutures that effectively cushion the joints. This degenerative process results in the immediate inflammation of the joint and lameness, leading to osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease.

Therefore what does the horse's body need that it's unable to biosynthesize at a fast enough rate? The answer is collagen.

Collagen represents the number one molecular building block outside of water that makes up these connective tissues (cartilage, bone, ligaments and tendons). These tissues are comprised of collagen in the following proportions: Bone 25-50%, Cartilage >66%, Ligaments >60% and Tendons >85%. Collagen undeniably plays a huge role in a horse's physical health.

Medelys Laboratoires International Inc. has developed a series of formulas to deal with the degenerative processes in horses, in the form of palatable natural liquid additives.

The EQ Maxi-CollTM Concentrate was formulated to combine the strong synergy between collagen and aminoglycans (glucosamine and chondroitin) in order to metabolically  target the sites in a horse's body where connective tissues have been previously damaged. The concentrate combines all of the necessary ingredients the horse's body needs to repair the damaged areas and to begin the regeneration process.

The EQ Pro-CollTM Maintenance formula helps to maintain health in joints that have not yet been damaged by providing a concentrated amount of collagen to the connective tissues. This formula will maintain the constant healthy process of regenerating connective tissues as a horse ages and performs.

The Revo-FlexxTM Formula is a topical spray that was designed to aid in temporarily reducing aches and pain in muscles and joints after a physical regiment has taken place. This formula penetrates the horse's tissues to reduce inflammation and heat.

Digestive health

EQ Opti-CollTM in the form of a palatable paste contributes to the optimal management of the horse's intestinal system. This formulation helps to stimulate salivation and digestive enzymes without interfering with the animal's internal metabolism.

Each of these natural supplements is scientifically formulated and tested, designed to work with the horse's body processes to promote, maintain and sustain health in horses.

Solution for dogs and cats

Following significant results reported by our various customers, a formula for dogs and cats was requested

K-9 Nova-CollTM for dogs only has been formulated for all breeds of dogs with mobilityissues. Maritime pine bark extract has been incorporated: in its highly purified form it exhibits remarkable and proven properties as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This extract helps, among other things, to slow down the deterioration of joint tissues and therefore improve mobility.

Kat FelineTM for cats only. This formula promutes joint health and cartilage lubrification. It contributes to the flexibility of the joints and the mobility of your cat. With added taurine, an essential amino acid in cats wich contributes, among other things, to the proper functions of the nervous system.

Each of these products has been specifically formulates, tested and designed to help promote and maintain the health of horses, dogs and cats.