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After only three weeks of using the EQ Maxi-Coll Concentrate on three different horses, I was impressed with the results. A product that is easy to use by mouth, helped me to keep my horses at ease in their movements. A reining mare of 14 years with arthritis in the hocks; a reining futurity horse (three years) with hooking of the kneecap (locking of the patella); and a gelding of five years with arthritis in the lower leg joints? I saw my three horses in three weeks become cheerful and happy to work! Thank you to ER and Medelys for their research and their confidence!

- Julie Richer D.T.A.
Trainer and Instructor,
Level 3 Instructor Reining FEQ and FEC

My horses are my biggest priority in life, and as such my goal is to do everything I can so that they are at their best, both physically and mentally. My horses are athletes who do a lot of traveling in a year and I have to give them the best care if I want to perform and keep my horses in good shape. Revo-Flexx is the first product that I use and where I have seen a great improvement after using it with rest bandages.

EQ Maxi-Coll Concentrate
Dream is my main partner and one of those horses that taught me a lot about performing as a team. Thanks to the EQ Maxi-Coll Concentrate, she does not appear her age. She is 13 years old and I can say that the treatment has improved her physical condition from A to Z. I have really seen a difference using the Arthri-Collagen product because it's a natural product with qualities that protect and regenerate cartilage, bone, skin, ligaments, tendons, etc. Dream has been a new horse again!

- Jessica Gauthier, Barrel Racer
IFR 44 & IFR 45 Finalist
IPRA Canadian Finalist 2014 & 2015
Wild Time Champion 2013 & 2014

I've been using ER products for the past 2 years the results are amazing.

Yves Filion, 68 of Saint-André-D'Argenteuil, Québec, is one of the Province premier trainer-drivers for close to 30 years, driving in almost 18,000 races with 4,362 wins and $26.5 million in earnings. Training credits include 248 winners and horses earning in excess of $3.4 million. Pacing colts Runnymede Lobell and Goliath Bayama each became millionaires with Filion responsible for both training and driving. Filion breded, owned and trained pacing mare Rebeka Bayama, a multiple stakes winner who won 23 races and over $690,000 during her career.

Wrangler Magic : 737,000$

- Yves Filion