Collagen, a natural
health product for horses, dogs and cats.
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EQ Opti-Coll Digestive Health

$ 104.95 CAD
Category: Horses
Format: 6 x 60 ml

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  • Highly palatable paste
  • Helps stimulate the salivation process as well as digestive enzymes
  • Helps to balance gastric functions during periods of stress in compliance with the metabolism
  • Contrains active substances that helps protect the stomach mucosa and control discomfort levels
  • Optimal management of horse health and intestinal system
  • A source of three antioxidants (maritime pine bark extract, vitamin E, vitamin C)
Medicinal Ingredients:

(per 30 ml)
Hydrolyzed collagen (600 mg), elm bark extract (225 mg), maritime pine bark extract (156 mg), vitamin E (15 mg).

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Yucca Shidigera extract, calcium carbonate, stévia, leaf extract, magnesium oxide, glycerin, apple pectin, Saccharomyces yeast, dicalcium phosphate, lecithin, water, vitamin C, soybean oil, salt, sea buckthorn flour, chloride potassium, guar gum, molasses aroma.


Oral administration before meals. In anticipation of a period of stress, start two (2) days before by giving half a syringe (30 ml) per day. During the stay or event, give half a syringe (30 ml) two (2) times a day. If condition persists, give one syringe (60 ml) daily until improvement over six (6) days. It is recommended that the two (2) doses be separated by approximately 10 to 12 hours.


Must be kept in a cool, dry place. Close cap securely once opened and use within five (5) days. The unopened product has a shelf life of six (6) months.

Do not administer to pregnant or lactating mares and horses intended for food consumption. Do not use on horses suffering from an autoimmune disease, bleeding disorders or diabetes unless otherwise adviced by the veterinarian.